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  1. Freelance Content Writer (Paid Position)

    Are you interested in getting paid for your quality content ? Are you willing to join another forum and post content on their website?
    What do we need content writers for ?
    Admin Retail will have a new service in the near future. Forum owners will be able to buy posts coming from our content writers. Content writers will be listed in an overview who's currently in no job and ready for an offer. Offers are packages the forum owner buy ranging from 10 posts to 200 posts. Forum owners will be able to select the content writer they want. Content writers will have their own page where previous jobs are enlisted as well as reviews from the forum owners, giving you a 1-5 star rating. The better your quality, the better the review, the more offers you'll receive. Content writer have the right to reject an offer if they feel the forum is not suited for their quality posts and interest. We will never force you to do a job. We are allowing our members to apply to become a Content Writer and earn big for their content.
    As an Admin Retail Content Writer Represent, we have a few requirements you should read.
    What do we seek in a Content Writer?
    Following our general rules (even on other forums)  Well thought out replies and topics.  No generic spam posts. Posts and topics that exceed the word count of at least 40-50 words. Excellent grammar. Common sense. Professionalism: You should never mention paid posting or Admin Retail on a forum job.  
    Who can apply?
    Any member on Admin Retail who has over 100 posts. Why such high limit ? We need to ensure your quality posting. We could ask you to write an article but there is no way we can guarantee you made the article. By posting 100 posts on Admin Retail we know what quality we can expect from you. Furthermore, a forum owner can go through your previous posts on this forum to see if you're the best bet for them. If you think you can convince us by some other way and nothing having 100 posts, let me know.
    Please take note:
    When accepting an offer, you have an agreement between Admin Retail, the forum owner and yourself. We will monitor the posts made and will hand out a penalty for content in contradiction to our guidelines and agreements. 
    What's in it for you?
    You will receive bonus credits on the amount of posts you made. I'll give an example:
    A forum owner offers a job for 50 posts on their forum => You accept and make 50 posts. 
    On Admin Retail, this would approximately earn you around 50-75 credits. 
    Based on the package between the forum owner and you, you earn bonus credits between 50 and 200 credits for completing the job. This is also based on your review from the board owner, so the higher the quality the better the bonus. If you have a 5 star rating, you'd receive 250 credits for doing 50 posts on a different forum, this is 5x the rate of normal posting on Admin Retail.
    Sounds interesting? We bet ! Apply now and we'll keep you up to date whether you are accepted or rejected.
    Accepted? Great, stay tuned while we setup the system and you'll when we're ready.
    Rejected? Don't hesitate to apply again when you've made more and better quality posts on Admin Retail.

    Position: Content Poster (Paid Position) (Reserve)

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 6


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