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  1. I am listening first time coffee with beer, we here to drink coffee some time but with milk. In India tea which is drinking in Kashmir is differ than us. Do you used tea leaves in making tea?
  2. I have three children one is boy of 31 years and 2 is daughter of 28 year old.
  3. Online earning is best one for homemakers and retired person. Home maker can earn some extra money and support their family and retired person can pass time and earn pocket money.
  4. I am not too much fond of western movies but I know that action in western movies are much better than Indian movies, so some time I watched these movies.
  5. If we are getting page from friends than it means that they are getting some benefits with it. I read that if we upload video on FB we can earn and earning is based on likes. So I am liking page, although they never asked me to like page.
  6. Tea is common and popular drink in India. and we are using milk in it. Here we are drinking hot tea not cold one. I don't know about tea about which you are talking. Here some peoples are also using green tea and herbal tea. Here is image of Indian traditional tea, We are making it with water, tea leaves, sugar and milk.
  7. I think it is not fair, if some one report on my post next time I will do it and a never ending chain begins between members. One should be see that reply is on the topic, and it is short and lengthy it is not matter.
  8. When I start working online I too lost earning, but it is good to say that we lost earning, indeed I don't about that sites, they all were scam sites. But I also lost some earning because of some other reason. I lost at Neobux more than 5$ because I didn't login site for more than 1 month.
  9. If we used our saving for a useful purpose than I think to one feels bad with it. After all we are saving to meet emergecies.
  10. I am getting 1-2 videos every day and I also liking them. I never thing that members are sending these to me to earn. From where we can get videos and how much we can earn with 1000 views, plz share it.
  11. Members are life line of forum sites. If members are not active on forum site than it is impossible to run a forum site. In these we are facing this problem with boddunan. their members are not active so we some member are worried that site may be closed.
  12. If some one request me like their page I do it. I am not loosing any thing in it than why I say no to it.
  13. What is yours opinion about green house gases. They are increasing global warming or not?
  14. I am new at Admin retail but I think both site are differ. Mylot is site like gossip between family members or between friends. There we can replies in single word. If you are feeling that AR have not enough topics than why are you not posting, who will post these, no doubt members.
  15. When I started online work than no one believed that earning with it is possible. At that time no one knows what is Paypal account. If when I asked to bank to open this account they . They didn't told me that bank can't open this account.
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