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  1. At the end of the day, I still hope that there is peace when I am in a forum. Because when I am in it, this is my relaxation. this place, the online world is my company aside from having to talk to my dog, lol. Therefore I want a friendly environment. Still good to feel relax when sharing your point of view. So I am hoping each time I will see a bully, I will go on ignoring them.
  2. katkat


    Fenda is a Q&A platform within the WeChat app. You can answer a question from your WeChat friends and earn. Though I heard it before I never had an interest in WeChat I use viber more. If this is really paying good then maybe it's good to try. I guess I have to wait for more reviews here.
  3. Exactly, the intention is good but maybe they have to reconsider how they will be doing it. Giving a negative reputation to it's members is somehow a negative thing. It maybe will have a negative impact on the members. And with so many forums coming up, I guess when members feel something negative they will just be less active and will try another forum. I still wish the site will be successful whatever what they will be going They were there for years and that's why they stay longer because I believe that they are one of the friendliest forum site that I know, so far. I'm talking about their Admin and the moderators.
  4. katkat


    Many believe that wechat is only for Chinese but the truth anyone can use the apps. Why one can earn from wechat? According to some research we can earn by answering questions in Fenda . Fenda allows you to earn money by answering question on WeChat. I am still trying to learn this. But a little hesitant still. You can google it and maybe this can be good for you and you can share what you experience from it. We all can discover a site or an earning way and share here.
  5. Yeah that should be our attitude towards bullies. But sometimes when it's directly hitting something we know that is not true we can still stand and said our piece. I still believe that even if we have different point of view there is way to say it without offending anyone. After all we are all helping each other to have an interaction and earn. It is a challenge to us all to share our knowledge in ways that we can show our respect to theirs as well.
  6. @moh254That is a very inspiring opinion from you. It is always good to work harmoniously with fellow members. It is actually good to have some friends online. And I appreciate same like minded people in a site where I am. And I am inspired even more to invite others. But I do understand that we all different opinions in every subject. That is why respect is all we need.
  7. Great. Thank you for the taking the time to fix. Sometime even if we try be careful we did overlook some errors and it is good that we can correct.
  8. That is a good thing now. Sites can oversee it when members are abusive of their words. When I am new in a site I might just leave. But when I was in a site longer then it's not easy to leave as you don't want to waste those times spent for the site.
  9. Agree with you on this. Couple would be the one deciding on their future plans. We can only advice jokingly as not to pressure about. It still depends on their personality. Otherwise we need not talk about it.
  10. Only few times I have seen and encounter a bully in a forum. And I wonder why they can do that with people who are here just to share their opinions and earn. I have experienced with them too and learn how to ignore them and be at peace with myself. I am in an online world not to fight with others ideas. I am here to share mine and to learn from others as well. and earn a little more. I am not perfect I may have flaws in my comments or reply or even in my post but we are all are not perfect. There's no acceptable reason to bully anyone just to prove your point in a discussion. I am glad that in my journey in this world I have learned a lot. Learned to ignore them and enjoy.
  11. I understand your point when it comes to Twibba. Seems they are playing with their members. There were other sites that I am with who changed rules too but after few months they stopped paying. I don't know what Twibba is up to in the coming days. It will be paying time. I'm waiting for that to decide if I will still be on the site.
  12. I respect their opinion without having kids. They maybe not ready to take any responsibility. Having kids is no joke. It is a big responsibility and that they are not ready or not even want to take any responsibility. I can only hope that if it's my sons', someday I would like them to have a family of their own. I will explain to them the joy of being a parent and that someday there will be somebody who can be with them in their old age. Life is a cycle, whether we like it or not it does happen to us and will happen to them too. But it will always be the choice of the couple what to do in their married life. We can only suggest and advice them.
  13. My place too is not snowing at all as we are in the tropics. I still believe that snowing or not we are all blessed as we all experience good things in life. But if I have the chance I would like to experience the feel of being in a snow. That can be a lot of fun.
  14. I guess people changed because of some situations that happened in their lives. They may be betrayed, and hurt by the one whom they trust. Do you agree with me?
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