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  1. Hi!  Just signed in.  Tried to sign in earlier but had problems.  I won a trophy!  I had the Most Liked content.  Thank you so much! 

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  2. I reached 200 posts today, November 2, 2019.  I consider that a milestone, so I'm marking this date.  This calls for a happy dance!

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    1. Cinderella



  3. Back by Popular Demand!!  LOL.  NOT!  I took a break from this site for a couple of days.  I have a lot of home biz projects.  Some sites needed updating and that kept me busy.  Did you miss me while I was gone?  LOL.  Probably didn't even notice I wasn't here.  Right?  Anyway!  I'm here.  But I'm going to pretend that I'm at the beach! 😄vacation-149960_960_720.png.611d7f36dad44d1c2ef0173233630436.png

  4. Tried to create content today.  Made some typing errors.  Tried to edit and correct the mistakes but was unable to.  😞  I apologize for the errors.  

  5. Hello Mische!  Gotta admit.  That's a great cover photo you chose for your profile.

  6. Lidia Bastianich is an award-winning TV chef. She says that chicken is the most Googled food term. It seems that around the world, everybody wants to a good recipe to serve chicken. Fried, baked, barbecued, in a salad, in a soup, etc.

    Me personally, I really enjoy a good chicken and rice recipe. What about you?

    (NOTE: Apologies to the vegans and vegetarians.)


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