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  1. Hi!  Just signed in.  Tried to sign in earlier but had problems.  I won a trophy!  I had the Most Liked content.  Thank you so much! 

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  2. Super Singh - I agree with you. I think the announcement should be made before the changes start happening. I think all the members here want this forum to flourish. We are happy to support reasonable changes. Just let us know in advance so we'll be expecting it. It's all good.
  3. I am a former federal government employee now self-employed and working from home. These are (or were) my various work-at-home projects: REAL ESTATE: ~ Buying private notes secured by real estate property. I first started working at home with my husband in his real estate endeavors. My husband's health is not so good, so I looked for projects that I can do on my own. We can't continue with these business projects. However, you may want to try these real estate endeavors. They might work for you. Sometimes people who own their home want to sell it. The buyer can not get financing through a bank or lending institution. The home owner creates a private promissory note. Basically they give the home buyer a loan. Instead of paying the bank, the home buyer pays the home owner/seller. In the USA, you can buy private promissory notes for cash. The private note is a negotiable instrument and people pay cash for it! You pay the note-holder a lump sum of money, transfer the note to your name, and the home buyer begins to make the monthly loan payments to you. It's a very profitable business. HOME BUSINESS PROJECTS I CAN DO ON MY OWN: ~ Affiliate Marketing Signed up to become an authorized affiliate for various merchants. Other people said that I needed a website. I found a DIY application and built affiliate marketing websites. I picked vendors who offered products and services in health and beauty, grocery and gourmet, and general merchandise like consumer electronics, fashion, toys and games, etc. As time went on I came to the understanding that a website or blog was not needed for affiliate marketing. It's fine to have them, but you can also share affiliate links via your social media accounts. Since I had already built the sites I continued to maintain them and also use social media marketing methods. Per my husband the amount of time I spent on these projects I should be a millionaire. My husband does not realize the huge learning curve I went through. Not to mention the changes many of the vendors went through. Some discontinued their affiliate program. I never received notification so there were broken links at my site. Some social media platforms like Pinterest, flagged my links because affiliate links were not allowed, at the time. Later, Pinterest decided to allow the links. Which meant? That meant I had to go back and repin the affiliate links that had been flagged. Little things like that which happened all along my learning curve. But guess what? I am starting to earn regularly from my affiliate marketing efforts. ~ Freelance Writing: I had writing skills. All I needed to do was find places were I could earn income from writing. That too has been a hard lesson to learn. The first site I wrote for had a PPV (pay per view) business model. It paid. I didn't make a lot but it was very encouraging. Sadly, the site shut down. I found another site that accepted republished content which also used the PPV model. I earned from that for a while. But that site shut down too! No matter. I found other sites that had revenue-sharing plans. You could earn from Ad Sense ads that appeared on your article's page. The advertising revenues are shared with the site owners. Some of these sites allow you to place affiliate links in your content and you earn 100% of the revenue from sales. Some of these sites require you to share revenue from sales of the affiliate products. Some of these sites are still up and running. Some of these sites no longer exist. ~ Blogging: Since I already had affiliate marketing websites, I added blogs to these sites and also created stand alone blogs. Affiliate banners are displayed at the sites and affiliate links are in the content. I also share the blog post links via my social media accounts. ~ Forums: A friend told me about P2P (paid to post) forums. I joined the one she suggested and then joined other P2P forums with free registration. The forums do provide a consistent earnings stream. ~ Selling My Skills: I signed up for SEOClerks, a site similar to Fiverr, and I sell services there. For example, I offer to help others keep their social media accounts active by posting for them. That's just an example. Whatever skill I have that others are willing to pay me for, I offer it as a service. I have had a few customers and have earned some income. But there is a lot of competition among the sellers of services. * * * It's very easy to work-at-home. Generating a steady income stream is the challenge. But it's not IMPOSSIBLE!! I hope my experiences will help others.
  4. When it comes to cooking I prefer a gas station. But other than that I find electricity to be very practical. Refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioning, etc. But now they have hybrid cars. Part electric, Part gas. I still prefer gas automobiles.
  5. A nuclear war? That's not even a probable scenario. I know there is friction between Pakistan and India. But a nuclear war can blow both countries off the face of the earth! People in the governments may or may not have reasons for not making peace. That's anybody's guess. But I do know that often times when individuals from "supposedly" opposing or enemy nations come to a different country, they seem to get along with each other. I live in the USA and see people from all over the world, who "supposedly" can't get along with each other and yet they are working together on teams at jobs, living next door to each other, etc. It makes you wonder why they can't do that in their own country. Doesn't history show that there were once Jews, Christians, and Muslims who all lived together in the same place and got along with each other? Maybe it's not history. Maybe it's just a theory. I think if people want to live in peace, they can do it if they try. This world didn't always have borders.
  6. I'm OK with criticism, if it's constructive. I'm not OK with sarcasm, or biting remarks, or remarks made just to be rude and insensitive. That's not a criticism. That's just being disrespectful and discourteous.
  7. If you mean the dreams that we dream when we are asleep, if the events we dreamed do happen in real life, I don't think it was the dream. I think it was just a coincidence. We often dream about real things that are happening in our lives and in our minds we may hope it turns out a certain way. If it does turn out that way, it's not because we dreamed that it would.
  8. Actually NO. Either I don't know people who can't hold their tongue or maybe I should say if any of the people I know have that problem, they never manifested that character trait in front of me.
  9. This year our hurricane season was very mild. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But now we have wildfires raging in California. Not sure if it is a natural disaster. If it was man-made they are trying to figure out who to blame. But for use, the natural wind helped spread the fires. Not sure if there were deaths. But a lot of homes have been destroyed.
  10. Well! I had not thought about it but when I went the first time with my husband to The Bahamas to meet his parents, he pointed out certain sites in the country where movies had been filmed. I had forgotten that "Thunderball", a James Bond movie was filmed in that country.
  11. Oh mercy me! Not The Borg!! I did watch Star Trek. "Do not provoke The Borg!!" But to respond to the question asked .... Yes! I think your imagination is way too futuristic!
  12. Oatmeal cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Brownies. It would have been a better test if they had let the astronauts eat them.
  13. Go to Bloglovin and add your blog. Also, if you are on Pinterest, create a pinboard and share your blog post links. Folks on Pinterest love DIY stuff. Also, look for Group Boards on Pinterest to join. Lastly, join groups on Facebook.
  14. I disagree. I don't think PTC is fake traffic. It's real traffic. But it's not traffic from unique visitors. The first clicked visit is a unique visit but after that it's just the same visitor clicking the same ad over and over and over. But the visitor is real and the traffic is real.
  15. I have tried a few of those free traffic exchange sites and other free traffic resources. In the end, the best way to get free traffic is social media. You have to work at it, but it works. Short term and long term. That's been my experience.
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