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  1. I've been listening to Eddy Grant's Ringbang show on United DJs, Black Stalin was singing about how the Caribbean needs/needed to invent & develop it's own product and stop being a nation of importers.
  2. Swagbucks is ok but they keep making it harder to earn points, especially for searching - I used to be able to get , and reduce what you get for completing challenges & reaching the daily target. Some of their offers on their offerwalls are scammy - not just game signups or quizzes that don't credit, but ultra dodgy dowload/ebook sites that are at best conning you into paying for pirate downloads/p2p software, or worst going to steal your credit card details.
  3. Amazon Fulfilled doesn't mean a product is being sold directly from amazon, it just means a marketplace seller's paid them to store and post/ship their stock for them Amazon just does the fulfillment, (hence the name).
  4. It works fine for me, unless they 'verun out of adverts and I don't earn from the videos. You can get bonus points every day, plus they give away extra codes on facebook. and get paid by linking your Hideout.tv account to an offer site that has Adscend media's offer wall.. Different offer sites have different hideout point conversions, Swagbucks is one of the lowest so I don't pay out to them, unless I'm really desperate to tick of discovery for a swago board or team challenge,.
  5. Just revisited forum coin & it;s funny seeing that at least one of the people complaining about OldGuy and witch hunts in this thread is still actively posting over there. Their forum doesn't seem that bad too me as a new member.
  6. Wondering how you'd create an ebook using Canva when it's really a graphic design app, good for putting basic text on images but not really for text editing / word processing. I guess you could save a large amount of text plus pics as images for each page then create a pdf from those images. That would explain why the text can't be edited.
  7. I'm listening to Glassrock (internet radio station) recently they've played Golden Earing - Buddy Joe, Nazareth - Child In The Sun, The Proclaimers - Letter From America, The Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock N roll, and right now some spacerock from Robert Calvert (Hawkwind), but they've interrupted it for the news
  8. Never heard of it, the main image for that video makes it look like some 'edgy' / grimdark bootleg version of Sonic. There's some legit indie computer games that are meant to be genuinely psychologically dark &/or disturbing.
  9. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on my phone. Recently managed to unlock some more heroes, finally got Jack-Jack from The Incredibles (nearly got the whole family now, just Violet left). Really want to get Alladin but you can only win chips to unlock him from one of the special treasure crates.
  10. Pat Benatar - We Live For Love (I keep forgetting this is her because the chorus is so different to her more stuff)
  11. Robbie Robertson & a guest female singer doing some cheesy soft rock I don't recognise. It's nowhere up to his standard of Fallen Angel, Broken Arrow or Somewhere Down the Crazy River.
  12. I'm using it at the moment to sell a pdf fanzine (digital fan produced magazine). It's convenient that I can just upload the file there and give people the page link. You don't get the whole network of self-publishing more professionally like via amazon kindle though & there's a smaller chance of your book/publication being discovered by random readers. If you add your products to Gumroad Discover so they can be recommended to people browsing, they take extra fees from any purchases. For US & UK sellers, plus Canada & Australia you can only get paid via Direct Depost to your bank (https://help.gumroad.com/article/13-getting-paid ) & you have to reach $10 first. I haven't used this service personally but apparently it's great for running your own affiliate scheme for your products.
  13. I'm not sure Blurb is the best place for your kids to self publish if they want to be writers. It's more aimed at creating photo books.
  14. I'm a member of the UK version Inboxpounds. It's not a scam site; unless they've changed to conning people.and nobody's reported it yet. it's slow earning but they pay. I've reached & received the £20 payout twice and am halfway to my third payout. I don't really bother with the offers on there, and the surveys screen me out too often, just stick to clicking the links in the emails & using their paid to search search engine when I'm not using swagbucks'. The UK version currently pays via giftcards, prepaid mastercards, or cheques, not crypto. According to reddit's beermoney sub reddit, Inboxdollars is now owned by the same company as Swagbucks, not sure if they own Inboxpounds too.
  15. I'm looking at the site right now. The url/website address 3-ry makes it sound like a spam site, Their stock photo looks stupid, the description isn't professionally worded and the earnings claims of " YOUR DAILY INCOME IS $ 200. EVERY WEEK YOU CAN EARN $ 1,400 ON THE SITE" seem too good to be true. Fake edit: just googled and found a blog claiming it's part of a scam network that steals your paypal account details & money. https://www.tipsfromlori.com/get-paid-to-read-the-news-scam/
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