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  1. I'm thinking of trying out Hideout.tv. I hope they don't block out people anymore and be a good site to have some extra earnings for our other sites. And I like that they are giving Facebook codes to their members.
  2. Swagbucks used to be a nice earning website, but now they have even changed their Paypal cashout amount and made it harder to reach. Previously the starting point for cashout was $5 but now it changed into $25.
  3. People might be busy with some other work or something like that, so they are posting less. Another reason is that nobody wants to repeat the topics that have already been discussed so everybody is taking time to create a new discussion.
  4. As they are online marketplaces so I think they take commission from the sellers as ptrikha20 mentioned also. And as their business increases so does Paytm, Google pay and others. Cashbacks and all are there to attract the customers, the more customers the more profit they make.
  5. PTCs are just worthless. If you are going to invest your time and money then why not do it in a good place, like putting other real good ads. The people who come on PTC sites are there just to earn and really not interested in your website so it's kind of useless to get help from PTC site.
  6. This Is How We Do It song by Montell Jordan
  7. Had pancakes layered with fresh sweet strawberry sauce for breakfast. Enjoyed it with Mixed fruit juice!
  8. I Don't Care Song by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber
  9. There was a time when Nokia dominated the market, but then other companies came in with better features, good prices and Nokia got sided. If Nokia wants to make it in TV category then they will have to work hard to get people's attention because there are other big brands for it's competition.
  10. It's going well. Woke up a bit late than usual and downloaded some songs to listen.
  11. Eating some snacks while posting! Will go out with friends later to have some fun time.
  12. I can watch any type of movie as long as it is entertaining. But horror and thrillers have something special about them.
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