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  1. It isn't about lack of advertising. It is only about lack of demand. When people are getting the same thing as a soft copy which is free, easy to send and good to look at then obviously no one will buy the hard copies.
  2. There are some new members on mylot who were spending spam messages to other users on the site. One of the user reported about them and all of them were immediately banned. I was happy to see thus as such moves help to maintain the decorum of the place.
  3. I have always noticed that online sites offer products at a high price compared to offline stores. But I still don't understand why are people lured by big discounts on the price which is actually quoted high.
  4. I think you are talking about 1000 friends rather than the users. Anyways where can we find such people who offer such projects?
  5. This is good. I wish we also get such sites in our country. But I can't figure out the reason why we don't get such sites here. The market is good and I'm sure the manufacturers require genuine reviewer for their products.
  6. Yes....mylot earnings can only be increased when we learn with whom to interact. Always focus on interacting with people you are sure will respond back sooner or later. There are many who only want to gather repsonses and never revert. Responding to them is only a waste. Anyways forumcoin did give negative points to all the users of mylot who kept posting in the thread. I would agree there wasnt anything new in the site that would be discussed so users started discussing their daily earnings there.
  7. Even I'm trying my best to get an opportunity to start with online teaching but nothing seems to work in this. Sometimes it is the inter connection or by accent which makes me fail. At present I'm just so disheartened.
  8. Why do you feel the pressure with them? There is no site which pays you only after you have made some minimum number of referrals. They are just an added benefit you can get if you are able to make some referral. With time we do come across people who are searching for opportunities of earning money and we can easily suggest them . They join or they don't join is all up to their will.
  9. Another important factor is that things have changed a lot in all these years. Earlier we only had PTC sites and people did have the patience to wait for half an year to reach the payouts. But now even the human nature has turned modern and no one has the patience to wait for so long for such little money.
  10. I agree. This does appear difficult but can be managed with the help of unbiased moderators. We can follow the concepts offered by Postloop and The Forum Wheel where the users were given monthly ratings for their work. And anyone who had a rating below a minimum could no longer earn from their work until the next ratings were issued. I think this can go a long way in maintaining the quality of content on the site.
  11. I agree. Things in UK and USA are so different. I wish we also had the same scenario here and sadly the case is completely different. I can't figure out any practical means of dealing with this situation. Things are getting worse from bad.
  12. This is why it is better to select a buyer from your own city. Then personally go and check the product. The pictures that are uploaded can be unreal and might fail to depict the exact picture of the quality of the product.
  13. Sorry to say but that is a different topic.. Here I wanted to ask is being a wedding planner good from business point of view? Planning a wedding is a big responsibility and you need to take care of so many aspects. In addition to this, there is intense work pressure. A person needs to have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Moreover the person should work in accordance with the will of many people that are involved in the wedding.
  14. There isn't any site which allows the exchange gift cards for cash. You may try to find a potential buyer outside or in the online world but this won't be much fruitful.. For people outside USA such gift cards are just a waste of time and nothing else.
  15. Really....that is a good percentage of money back. Was it the first time that you used this app? Most of the sites lure the users by giving good cash backs for their first few transactions only. One more thing, if the site offers this in regular basis I would definitely doubt the safety measures the site has taken for the safety of all the personal details that are uploaded on the site. It is better to stay away than to gain a big loss later on.
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