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  1. Hi, Was just wondering about the limited availability of the $25 via PayPal for 1000 credits. It says only one is left which means 9 have been purchased. But only 5 purchases have been recorded over here - Is that a mistake or are there more stock of this reward?
  2. Just wanted to confirm that I received my $25 payment from @Chase. Very quick and no issues.
  3. I've got some Bitcoin once and that was for doing a favour for some dude related to just checking out his site and completing a few tasks on there. He paid me around $2 in Bitcoin and I kept that for a while especially as the value of BTC was increasing so it was nice to see the value go up everyday. But in the end, I just sold it to a user on ForumCoin.
  4. I tried to sell some Xbox Live trial codes for Xbox Live Gold but I had to stop after a while because I was getting scammed. The issue with eBay is that there are some users using stolen cards to buy trial codes and then use them. And then when the card owner reverses the payments, we have to refund them and lose out on money which can be devastating.
  5. I guess they have. But I think this issue is probably more true for certain newspapers that haven't been able to adapt with the times and have been stuck in the stone age. For example, we have a newspaper called the Metro which is free and given out on public transport. They also have a website and do quite well because they adapted and didn't just stick to the physical newspaper.
  6. I've never really thought about it that much. I did use it for a Wordpress username once when I had my blog about making money online but that was more because I was too lazy to come up with a new username. I know one person over on Forum Promotion that does it but I'm honestly not sure how effective it is.
  7. When I was younger, I definitely thought that it was a lot easier than it is. To be fair, back then, it probably was a lot easier as people weren't as proficient with building websites so certain niches weren't overused. But it is definitely difficult and not something that should be taken lightly. It can be both time consuming and expensive
  8. I've been fortunate enough to never experience this issue but maybe you have. Have you ever had your hosting company shut down where you either potentially lost your files or had to move to another host quickly? And if they did close down, were you offered a refund?
  9. Certain companies do both well (GoDaddy etc.). But some sites can be better for domains than hosting and vice versa. Have you ever bought your domain from your hosting company? Or do you prefer to go to a domain specialist as they tend to have better features and have better promo codes for new domains?
  10. The Beer Money subreddit on Reddit is a really good place to check out as well. You can create a new post on there stating where you are from and some quick details about what you are looking for/how much you want to make and they can recommend some sites that can work for you.
  11. I haven't deleted my account as yet since sometimes, they do get some high-paying surveys. But that's so rare which is unfortunate. I also have a few credits on there so I need to do some surveys soon, get paid and then decide whether to delete my account.
  12. I've never received any bad items from Amazon but I guess that's because I tend to only buy items that are either fulfilled or sold by Amazon. I do this to ensure that they are eligible for Prime delivery so that I can receive them the next day. I also stick to items that have a large number of reviews
  13. It can be quite expensive to setup at the start but if you have the funds, it can be a really good idea especially if you have a location that is surrounded by a beautiful area. If done right, you can make quite a bit as people would love to come up there especially to get pictures of their meals and surrounding area.
  14. Has anyone here got any Apple Airpods? The newer model was announced recently which means that it will be the perfect time to purchase the older model which should be a bit cheaper this Christmas. I love the idea of having wireless earphones so I would love to buy them soon as my wired earphones are getting a bit annoying.
  15. Has anyone here used Gravit Designer? It's a graphics design/vector design application (it also has a web app) that is extremely easy to learn and use. I have used it to create some basic social media graphics and logos. The one issue is that some basic features like the ability to import fonts are only for the Pro version.
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