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  1. I spend 4 hours of doing some of my online jobs for today since I was already doe with my offline job and it really feels good to work online.
  2. I have 3 kids right now, 2 daughters and one baby boy and it is really cool to have some kids because it is really entertaining and I feel very happy about it.
  3. I had tried to dance before during a company presentation in my work and I feel ashamed about it since I really don't know how to dance well in front of many people.
  4. Savings is very important to us since it save us during in times of great needs that is why it should be given some priority as much as possible.
  5. I think that I had lost a lot of earnings before from my online sites that I didn't knew that was all scam sites, good thing is that I never invested some money over it but just my time and effort.
  6. I was just curious before on how I could earn online that is why I tried to find any means to do it since extra income is really helpful for me.
  7. I have seen a lot of people who are liking their own post and I don't see any problems about it since sometimes I am also doing it whenever I have some new post in my Facebook account.
  8. I really enjoy my stay here and been trying to allocate some time to participate on the daily discussion since it is really interesting for me than having any other sites to work on.
  9. Sometimes I am being forced to use my savings since it is my last resort whenever I badly need some money to use for different things.
  10. We can really earn online some real money if we will just be creative and resourceful in finding some legit sites that we can work on. We only need some patience and internet connection to do it.
  11. I think that I am just drinking some alcoholic drinks whenever there are some important occasions or celebrations that we are celebrating throughout the year.
  12. I think that contact lenses seems to be irritating for me though I had never tried to use it before but I just don't like the idea that I will put something in my eyes because it might be sensitive to take.
  13. Well that is great that you are fan of using the twitter since I am not that active on twitter since mostly my connections are using Facebook and other social media platforms.
  14. Sometimes if I have time especially if I don't have much work in my job, I am trying my best to walk for at least 30 mins a day for me to have a healthy mind and body.
  15. I think that the common distractions that I encounter while working from home on my online sites are my kids because mostly they are using my mobile phone and laptop on their games and YouTube activities which prohibits me from working on my online site.
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