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  1. When it's new, the minimum is usually when I cashed out. This is to test if the site is really legit. And for the following payouts, I'm trying to wait and get a higher amount so I could save with the paypal fee, which is really high.
  2. I usually rely on the feedbacks by other members, if the site is worth joining. Most of the site I have joined has been introduced to me through ForumCoin. I must say that not all of those did work for me. Some I just abandoned and some I still visit when I have the time.
  3. I only have debit card and I don't think I'm planning to have credit card even in future. I think one of the reason why many like it is the fact that you don't need to pay instantly and there are some promos that there's no interest fee for certain month. But I prefer to pay instantly using cash or debut card.
  4. Paypal is the one and only payment processor. Because majority of the site accepts and pays through paypal. Another thing is that I can easily transfer my paypal money to virtual wallet in my country without any fee. It's really convenient, but the only thing that concerns me is the paypal which make my earnings cry.
  5. I think it's great to start a paid to post forum since it's only few left. Besides, nowadays ptc sites are not really that attracting to join to since many of us have thought we'll be scammed.
  6. Currently, I only visit two sites every now and then because I'm quite busy at school. But when I find time I also visit my other site. For now I can only work on 3-4 sites.
  7. I personally use mobile. Even though I want to work with a laptop but then mine is not functioning. But I think using phone is a good thing as well. You could use and work everywhere you pleases9.
  8. I think $5 is best option for the minimum payout. It's not too high and not too low. And it's good especially to newly opened website. It will catch many possible members if the payout will be easily achievable.
  9. I think there's a certain percent that is being deducted from the amount you withdraw plus $0.30 for every transaction. I just googled it before because most of the earnings are usually just for fee for me. That's why I want to withdraw since then for a higher amount to save for paypal fees.
  10. As most of the members above had said, it is the last earning site that I have joined so far. But I'm planning to join another site. Just waiting for some time and looking for some reviews.
  11. I don't think I could avoid it. I know for a fact that it may cause harm to our health, but I still eat it anyway. Also, junk foods are cheaper and more affordable to buy than healthy foods, or I just don't really like to be healthy, I guess.
  12. Twice or thrice a week because my grandfather only eat wheat bread and oat meal. We can't buy many wheat breads as it has expiry date. Also, my supply of foods are usually all consumed in three to four days. (Sliced Pumpkin Contest)
  13. Usually I just spend my weekend at home with my parents. We don't have extra money to go outside so we just watch tv and the likes. And weekends means more time to earn online so I take advantage of it.
  14. I just checked my account there last night, there was no task available. I have a question, though. Do they send the task in email as well?
  15. Honestly, I don't remember receiving any task, but I'm earning badges, I think. Since I lost interest, and don't seem to understand the site, I abandoned it.
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