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  1. Every website need members to post and from them they earn and after that pay users. If there are no users posting then the website will turn into dead planet and they cannot run the website. So it's good they are allowing everyone to post now.
  2. I lost almost $16 on twitchfollows because they closed without informing and paying and other than that I never lost a major amount to any website or the app.
  3. Yes it's for sure but does that in any way help you to earn? Because I don't see it's possible to earn through twitter but if you are an influencer then it may help.
  4. They are useful while working on computer because too much work on computer with naked eyes will only deteriorate the eye health so better to take precaution.
  5. Walking is good for health and 30 mins walk is fine and everyone can afford to spare 30 Mins from their busy schedule and they are not wasting time and investing into their health.
  6. Very good observations. All members are important because if there are no posts no activity then how can we earn and how the website will make any revenue.
  7. Check the gmail settings and synchronize and it may solve the problem because if you are receiving emails while on wifi network then there is no problem with your phone.
  8. I see even users from Nigeria and Africa are able to receive payment through PayPal why you are unable to. It will be very difficult for you because I saw you on forum coin and on this website and both pay through PayPal.
  9. Then it's poss to get 50% value also because buyers will get fair idea of the product after looking at its condition and buying a used product at half price isn't bad because they can easily find buyers and still make profit from reselling.
  10. Taking loan for wedding is everyone's decisions but personally I don't think it's a good thing and they should pay what they can afford and not by utilizing it from all sources. I think simple wedding is better but looking at the context of the thread the wedding planners like the fat weddings.
  11. Getting close to 30 or 40% will be hard but if it's achievable then it's better to sell on these platforms otherwise normal selling won't give even 20% and in that way it's better not to sell at all.
  12. It's helpful because many store owners used to charge very high price for the products they sell and even their service isn't good but with these online stores are forcing them to provide good service at a very competitive price
  13. Have you sold your Old Refrigerator at the price you listed the product or at a less price? It's very difficult to sell the old products like TV and refrigerator.
  14. I also don't prefer the Giftcards because they are designed for USA and Uk users only but if these websites or these apps can add Amazon Indian Giftcards then these can be used to pay for shopping, Mobile recharge or Bill payment.
  15. It can be due to many things. He could have been having an affair Haha or too tired to play with kids and his wife so he just like to watch Youtube videos
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