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  1. I played Call of Duty 2 when I was student. I played many flash games like Commando. Since I am worker now, sometimes I play DarkOrbit Game. All games I play on laptop. On smartphone I only played 2048 game. Laptop is much better for games for me.
  2. I did that to one time but I was go with bus. I have to wait for 3 hours to take another bus and pay it for 20$. Some my friends sit into wrong bus and they travel a hour before they realize it.
  3. Don't you think special plates are just for showing off? Many people does and they don't like cars with special plates. Whenever you go somewhere, everybody will know where were you since they can recognize your car easily.
  4. We all like sledging and it is awesome. When we grow up and become serious, we stop do sledging even is fun and we want change so some people try skiing. I think we should do much more sledging or ice skating even we are grow up.
  5. We don't mix it. I posted wrong. Those are only two most Popular drinks. Even we have beer called CoffePorter which is mix of coffee and beer. I drink it few times and I like it. Many people say it is to bitterly.
  6. It was but there was not Electric current in that time. You could also be shot in middle of day or kindap by Native Americans. But I like gold from that time. If we could go in that time with todays equipment for gold mining, we would be rich.
  7. In Croatia most Popular drink is coffee with milk and beer. We drink tea to, most often hot, but we just don't mix it with milk. We drink different types of tea like forest fruit or pomegranate. We also drink green tea and herbal tea.
  8. Teachers in Croatia are in strike for better terms and salary. This is seconda day and we will not be paid while we are in strike even we have to be at work. I am losing 65$ per day plus another 10$ for travel expenses. I hope it will not last long since I would not be able to keep it.
  9. Many people say it is fun but you must be careful since during fall some people can get hurt. Broken bones often. Equipment is not cheap. Plus if you broke anything, you must pay extra which is normal but it can cost a lot.
  10. Looks to me it every day it will be more and more such sites. Stream or just post video for Money. People will go where is new content or where they can earn. Youtube will stay but only with music content, like it was many years ago.
  11. I never tried such combination. I don't know can I even buy it into any store in my place. We always mix milk with coffee or honey. I think it can be good Business but those Products must be sold fast since milk can't last long, even in fridge.
  12. Did you see new font for Visual Studio Code, Notepad++ and other text editors? It is called Cascadia Font. Some people like it and some don't. It is Microsoft product and you can download it from GitHub.
  13. Here is another example how to use 3D printer. Here is 3D printed small boat. So far we didn't have anything big like that. It is long 7.5 meters and have weight of 2.5 tons. All Congrats to crew from Main University.
  14. Skiing is an expensive sport. Skis, helmet, suit, gloves are not cheap sports equipment. Unless you live in the mountains, accommodation and travel cost you extra. For the whole family, it's not a small expense. I have never been to skiing before, although I would love to try one day. Do you go skiing?
  15. Also, you can access to many those cams online for free and watch people what do they do on squares. Those sites never ask our permission. It is okay if you are on public place to people see you in live, but entire world not so.
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