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  1. I guess they might be making their money from downloads, google adscence and probably from transactions fees considering the large number of people using these apps. There could be other ways money is made too.
  2. The i .nternet speed in my country differs in different locations, All the network companies in country are doing everything possible to ensure everyone enjoy using the internet. We are OK in my country cos lots of customers benefits from their services.
  3. Whatsap has made communication easier and cheaper, it is one of the longest surviving chat app I have ever come across, there are lots of them launched but are not more invoke or trend anymore.
  4. Referal program that pay base on percentage earnings of your referral is far better than the one that pay only once. Referals are very good way to earn if you have active ones. I see it as passive way of making money online.
  5. It usually amazing when you have bitcoin in your wallet and the value keeps increasing, it another way of earning bitcoin though very risky as bitcoin is volatile, it could rise and fall within a short time.
  6. Paying instantly are peculiar survey sites as they tag value to each survey they send. PTP sites that pay me instantly upon request for payment is beer money forum, provided the admin is online.
  7. The watch on quality posts is very important, forum coin has been very lenient with members for longer time. It our duty to improve on quality of posts. It will be nice if they increase point rate to 2fc per post also.
  8. The highest form of verification I have done on earning sites was email confirmation and captcha. For online payment platforms like crypto currency wallets and skrill site request my ID card for verification. I give out for site that are secure.
  9. I don't feel bad not being from tier one countries but I see it as an opportunity for the members to make good money online cos there are lots of opportunities for them especially surveys, promo codes and tasks.
  10. No doubt they have reduc.tion in sales but they are still making money cos some old men prefer reading offline other than online. They still patronise the vendors. News paper companies have upgraded online.
  11. I have used verve, master and visa card and from my experience with all of them master card is most preferable cos it makes online transactions very secure and easy. Verve and visa cards are more durable.
  12. Working online during weekends is a thing I do, I enjoyed it because I am more relaxed, refreshed and resourceful. I don't do offline jobs during weekends.
  13. Like the saying goes " if you fall in love you tend to rush out of love " We are supposed to build love gradually and naturally such that we can still maintain the system during the trying times.
  14. No doubt the positive impact of technology in our lives especially our level of comfortability is overwhelming and encouraging but it also has it side defects in different people's opinion. Mine is that makes us concentrate more on worldly things. How about yours?
  15. Rape Is an assault on ladies or females that keeps increasing on daily basis across our society. The government try as much as possible to get those involved arrested and convicted yet it has not been eliminated. What other ways do you think it can be curbed?
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