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  1. Its common in India and when we talk about tea it means milk tea and only a smaller percentage of people like the tea or coffee without milk which is quite bitter in taste but they can also have Green tea or lemon tea
  2. You have discussed a very valid point. I never thought about this thing and you are right. These agencies can sell our data to any third party and can make money by displaying our habits or how we spend.
  3. This is the reason why they cannot make it public of who reported who so I think we should leave that to the admins. Some users are reporting for the sake of revenge which is not good for any website.
  4. We all find it accidentally because we never found anyone telling us about the online earnings and how they work so it was out of necessity or curiosity we found the apps or websites which pays.
  5. If they are earning per transaction then they must be making lot of money because large number of users transact through these apps.
  6. I like Admin retail but there is shortage of topics now and that's why many are less active because those who were posting threads are not posting them anymore.
  7. Even a single dollar is something because we are not from US and for Indian users its around Rs. 70 in which a person can easily have a normal vegetarian meal and even though its small it's disappointing to lose money.
  8. Reason of lack of topics is the earnings per thread. Earlier users were earning 2 Credits per thread in all sections slowly it was limited to only Business Money and Wealth section but there was no announcement or update in the FAQ's and sometimes user feel off due to this and now there is no extra reward for posting threads so those who were trying to make few threads daily use their energy in comments only which isn't helping any one of us.
  9. I never felt this issue and have habit to not to remember the passwords and its saved in the web browser chrome on which am working. You can logout and login again or try to delete the latest history and try and you will see option to save the password.
  10. Is Internet connectivity a major problem in your country. I am asking because there is no problem in India and we can switch to any place because most of the cities have good Internet facilities and even in the smaller villages. Are you talking about Mobile Internet or broadband?
  11. Am quite lucky like you and didn't lose large amounts and it was around $4 or $5 which I lose on twitchfollows.com and before that it was few dollars here and there and few cents on ptc websites so nothing that big to feel bad about.
  12. i don't see any demand for their Tv's because some of the chinese brands will really give them a run for their money because they are selling at such lower prices and providing good quality also. Chinese brands like Xiaomi have already captured the middle class segment and hotels.
  13. Yes if we can earn more then it would help but earning more can also result into more spending as people like to adopt the lavish life style which costs a lot of money and if in the future they are unable to earn higher amount of money then they will be in debts.
  14. There is no denial to this fact and money is very important. If I see any of the website on which am active, fc, AR, virily stops paying then I won't post on those websites and find other websites that pay or find suitable ways to use my time.
  15. Am not talking about mylot and what I read about mylot is you don't earn for posting on mylot and earn when someone like or comment on your post so its different and on forum you earn for every post you make.
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