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  1. We don't have snow here. We have extremely cold wind. Though it's not in minus but we have like warm during day and extreme cold at night. So that kind of mixture gets the best among us. So no wood chopped or even have any form of the cold removing that way.
  2. Share where? You didnt mentioned where exactly do you share? I think engagement is one thing that takes a lot of time to reach. I have yet to see any good group for reaching the 15k of the views.
  3. Many of us manage to move or walk a lot during summer upto the fall. And then winter or maybe rainy season works in such places. And in that case it can increase our weight and also we may not be able to keep the health. So what are some exercise can be done during this season. How do you maintain health during winter and rainy season?
  4. Yes I thought the same. I think they only give payments for the live stream donation. I am wondering if I can make money passively on facebook page. But so far the answer seems to be no. I guess they want to make money off our content for free. Which is kind of expected from facebook. I am sure youtube is lot better in such context.
  5. I don't think it's bad. They had better system only the forum owners giving the rating that kind of broke the website. I'd say that in such case it was better to let site admin do the changes. But they didn't understood and gave the power to the forum owners. And that kind of destroyed the system.
  6. Yesterday I downloaded this "Heroes arena" game. Which is kind of clone of ARENA of Valor. I think there are too many clones now and you basically have this better gameplay on Mobile Legends to be honest. graphics and the old maps of mobile legends (celestial palace) map is rather better too. I'd say ML has more future against league of legends.
  7. In my country if you are taking some business loan they expect you to have some sort of collateral. And in case of the bank loans, they tend to take the company share as collateral or even have to take some from the personal one as collateral. And often that can be one way for them to get the money off the person. What are the rules in your country for taking the business loans?
  8. Postloop has change of owners. So it tend to made things harder for the users as they wanted to see change in system where ranking for their profile was kept permanent and they wanted change. But the way you say about custom content that may not be possible I guess because the postloop is more of credit and buy post type system there.
  9. I think originally a lot of heroes were copied from the league of legends. As if the art of the heroes mostly the female ones are copied from league of legends. And then arena of valor pretty much cloned the ML. I agree both are in some way copying each other. But honestly I feel more close to the ML. I try to avoid trashtalkers in the ML games. Mostly those who call each other noob and demand to call lord in 2nd minute of the game are pretty much too much toxic in the game.
  10. I think that may be a small amount but that seems like a good amount for the earning. I have mostly noticed that earning takes a lot of time to accumulate for below 5K amount. But anything is better than not having rent. I am thinking about renting some items like say costume or some other office stuff. I wish to establish into renting industry like this.
  11. Yes that is true. The page builders tend to have issue with the code. You have to focus on only editor part though. That's one reason the page builders are out there in the market. I personally think that page builders would be ruling the future as many people want to avoid the code in near future so that is one thing to watch out for.
  12. I know many people give their homes on rent. Some give cars and also some other costume like items for rent. However these are some of the known ones. But I am in search of something which can be given on rent if people need it. And also I wish to know if the earning from those rent would cover the cost of device eventually. Do you know any such business where you can earn rent income?
  13. So I purchased Elementor Pro license this black friday. And theme seems to be pretty good. Though theme does not have much packed in with it. I kind of expected more freebies with the pro plans. But you don't get much to be honest. So not sure how they are justifying the price. I may consider moving to beaver if I don't find any good design specific value. That being said, have you tried Elementor Theme for WordPress?
  14. I think food, medicine and travel are three essential in society. You can not replace them. Clothing and other things are additional and not minimal essentials. You can't move without travel, and survive without medicine and even can't work up with the food either. So in such context you can see that what to sell lot depends on the demand that you have for those things.
  15. Almost everyone in my family is O -ve. So I am guessing 99% that is my group too. I think O +VE is also a chance but we never know who is what and how the blood group is varying for each person. Apart from that I think another issue with the blood type is that it is not easy to find both these when you really need it for something. That's what I have learned so far.
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