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  1. Sorry Ash, i am not in need of the license now. Hope you find a buyer very soon 🙂
  2. I spend around 1 hour in my phone to check Whatsapp, browse few websites and play one game. Other than that i don't use my phone much it will be idle Planning to bring down the time.
  3. I run my forum as a hobby and want to keep it free for now. I will consider your point and invest in a paid software if i want to build a great community and sell it or make money out of it.
  4. Oh i see, now i understand why there was an issue. Cloudflare is good as it helps the site load faster. Lets hear from other users did they face any issue or not. My ISP can also be blamed for slowness.
  5. For past few days i see a delay in opening of the forum. Yesterday the site was down for few minutes and cloudflare said if i want to retry the live version. It would be great if this is look into. A website monitoring tool will help you get a better idea.
  6. So hard work can also help a free forum software to reach heights. But paid has advantages over free as many features of free are available by default. I am thinking of running the forum with free software for a while and then upgrade to paid one.
  7. I easily get offended for simple criticism. Eventhough most of the criticism given to me was for the benefit of me i get emotional and i feel the person is against me or bad. Now my thoughts are changing and i am readily accepting criticism.
  8. Ok cool, thinking of grabbing it 😄 lets see. Will it be okay if the amount is paid as AR Credits + Paypal amount transfer?
  9. No i haven't bought any premium membership in any site. I don't know whether i will take up a premium membership in the coming days too. I won't be having premium membership in my forum as i don't have anything great to offer.
  10. Have you found a buyer and is the license still available?
  11. I know comparing is incorrect, but few forums with huge no of posts or users use phpbb or MyBB as their software and they haven't upgraded to paid. Does it also depend on our requirement?
  12. We have reached 644 replies, 133 Topics and 28 users. Feel free to join us and advertise your website/hosting.
  13. Do you think paid forum softwares have upper hand when compared with free forum software in terms of SEO, traffic and indexing?
  14. OMG not another Windows. They should concentrate on Win 10 and make it lighter, easy to update and give user control. Instead deviating themselves with a new OS. Windows Phone met its end now Windows 7 and after sometime i don't know what it will be.
  15. We don't celebrate, but my office is planning to host some events regarding Halloween. Need to check tomorrow and see what they have done for us. I don't like celebrating it though.
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