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    A:Credits can be earned through posting. You receive 1 credit per post, 2 credit per topic. 50 Credits per article you submit with an additional bonus of 150 credits if you have a "hot" article.

    We are a paid 2 post / marketplace community. Our goal is to provide a trustworthy and resourceful online marketplace for any forum  and web entrepreneur. Buy, sell and exchange domains, themes, websites & forums, plugins etcetera. Forum owners are able to buy quality posting from our community through Tokens. We are an excellent active community where you can learn lots from.

    Read our official rules first: https://admin-retail.com/topic/8-forum-policy-guidelines-v10/


    Introduce yourself to our community.


    You can visit our Paid2Post shop and exchange your credits with a shop item to get money. https://admin-retail.com/membersshop/ 

    We will get an automatic notification of your purchase, and will contact you to send your money through PayPal.

    All topics made earn 2 credits where all replies made earn you 1 credit in every forum you can post.

    Referrals earn 5 credits and can be extended to 20 credits when that referral has made over 20 posts. (Must contact @Chase for that as it's a manual transfer)

    Suggestions that we implement will earn you 5 credits.

    Adding your personal avatar will earn you 5 credits. (Again, contact @Chase for that as it's a manual transfer)

    The only limit is yourself. We do not limit posting and thus earnings can be as big as you want. 

    Yes. We want to pay you, but only for quality posting. As you'll notice the complete "Web Discussions" category require a word minimum of 35 and 150 characters. We are more 'laid back' in the general areas where the word and character minimum is much lower.

    Yes. Double posting, duplicate topics, low value posts and spam will be deleted and will lose you credits. Use common sense and add value to a discussion and you'll never see some credits taken away. 

    Very simple: Activity tab => Search. Our footer also has a search function or you can type https://admin-retail.com/search

    You can buy giftcards: https://admin-retail.com/membersshop/category/4-gift-cards/

    You can buy free forum / blog hosting and domains: https://admin-retail.com/membersshop/category/3-free-forum-and-blog-hosting/

    You can buy graphics and other resources: https://admin-retail.com/files/

    You can exchange with other members in our Marketplace: https://admin-retail.com/forum/4-retail-marketplace/


    Tokens are manually added and cannot be obtained by forum posting. They are used for buying quality posts by Content Posters which you can hire to post on your forum.

    Content Posters are members of Admin Retail which you can hire that will post excellent quality content on your forum. You can read more about that here: https://admin-retail.com/forum/41-hire-a-content-poster/

    You can buy tokens here: https://admin-retail.com/store/category/2-package-tokens-content-posters/

    You can read a detailed topic about that and how to apply here: https://admin-retail.com/topic/314-content-writer-applications/


    A: When you purchase a shop item to exchange for a payout, please note that all exchanges are sent out in the first 5 days of each month. Which means, if you cash out per example on the 15th of a certain month, you'll need to wait until the first five days of the next month.

    A: You are not permitted to trade credits for credits from another forum. It simply costs too much money from our side with less efforts on our forum. 

    Refer to this thread for a detailed reason: 



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